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Do you know your brain consumes 20% of your total physical energy? Consume these healthy nutritious drinks to nourish your brain and boost your brainpower naturally.

1. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate has flavonoids which have memory-enhancing properties. A study in 2013 proved that a group of people, who had age associated memory complaints, were given 8 ounces of pomegranate juice every day for 4 weeks. They had a better visual and verbal memory than compared to the group who consumed placebo.

A study conducted by UCLA recently researched about the top 10 healthiest juices or beverages and no prizes for guessing, the winner was “pomegranate juice”. People who are allergic to pomegranates or have diabetes must avoid it because of its high content of sugar. So, grab a cuppa of the juice to delay those senior moments!

2. Carrot Juice

Consuming carrots in either way can increase your efficiency at work. Carrots contain magnesium components that help relieve anxiety. Magnesium is known to curb all symptoms of depression, confusion, panic attacks, dizziness.

Carrot juice can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and defend the cognitive decline. Carrot juice can boost your memory. It helps you to stay sharp and recollect things at the drop of a dime!

3. Beetroot Juice

Humble beetroot has myriad of health benefits and when it comes to brain functionality then it is a superfood.

Beetroots have high amount of nitrate present in them. When nitrates get introduced in bloodstream it converts in nitric oxide, which helps in the relaxation of blood vessels, which, in turn, brings more oxygen to the brain thereby, boosting brain functions.

This juice is sweet in taste and you can consume it on every alternate day.

4. Blueberry Juice

Blueberries, commonly available throughout the year, are high in nutritive properties and low in calories. Researches have shown that all kinds of berries are beneficial in delaying cognitive aging by more than 2 years!

The nutrients in blueberries make a way to the brain and affect the areas of brain which are essential for intelligence in a positive manner.

5. Rosemary Tea

A quote in Shakespeare’s hamlet goes like “There’s rosemary: that’s for remembrance…”. Rosemary has a reputation for being a great memory-enhancer and a concentration improver. In ancient times in Greece, students wore crowns made with rosemary before going to exams.

A survey conducted to study the effects of rosemary and lavender on memory and cognition stated that people who consumed rosemary had better levels of alertness, memory, processing speed and attention and were also seen more relaxed. A win-win situation.

Alternatively, you can also opt for advanced cognitive supplements like CortyX Clarity which boost brain power and memory. It is an advanced formula which boosts brain cells as well as their functioning. It provides your brain with essential nutrients and vitamins which increase your attention span and memory.

Final Note

Consume all the above drinks in optimal level to reap their benefits. Consume less sugary-starchy and processed foods.

All the above beverages help in increasing the brain power by boosting the flow of blood in the brain which improves all your brain functions. So, indulge in physical activities like skipping, swimming, running, jogging to boost your intelligence.

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