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Apex VoluminousApex Voluminous :- What do we women do to get long bushy eyelashes? If you were like me then applying lashes of mascara would be your favorite thing to do because there is no woman (literally) on earth who doesn’t like to flutter her eyelashes.

But Alas there are some women who are not blessed with the long voluminous eyelashes and I was one of them. As much as I wanted to get luscious and long lashes I know my only option was either to apply lots of mascara or to opt for the fake eyelashes on the special occasion. Trust me, using the latter was a task on its own because it was tough to get stick on your eyelids.

You must have known that having long lashes are a sign of a beauty and a signal that women is healthy too. Maybe this is the reason why there is a mascara in almost every women’s bag.

I agree that fake eyelashes and mascara help our eyelashes to look more dramatic long, luscious and voluminous too but for the rest of your life would you like to depend upon these products knowing fully that they can also cause more harm to your lashes?

If your answer is going to be what’s another option that can give us same results like mascara then I am going to recommend you something which you will be surely loved and it is called Apex Voluminous. Other products you have used so far are only good to give voluminous illusion but this one is totally different. How is it different? What is it really? Or is it safe for the daily usage? You will get the answer of all these questions and much more in my unbiased review below.

Give me a detailed explanation of what Apex Voluminous is all about?

In simple words, Apex Voluminous is created to give you a long thicker and voluminous eyelashes that would stay with you for the longer period of time. It is not a makeup product that would come off with a makeup wipes.

Its formulation is based on the natural ingredients that are much capable of supporting your eyelashes to make it look fuller thicker and longer. Now you don’t have to depend on the makeup products to get beautiful lashes because this serum alone is enough to provide all the nourishment your lashes need. It is power packed with the natural ingredients that helps to strengthen and adds volume to your lashes in no time to give you the sultry eyelashes without using mascara.

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What are its key ingredients and what they do?

Following are the active ingredients in Apex Voluminous which are very much capable of accelerating eyelash growth. Let’s know them in little detail.

Vitamin E: It helps to strengthen and thicken our eyelashes and if used regularly this vitamin also increases the length of your lashes.

Wheat Amino Acids: These amino acids do protein synthesis which when penetrate into your follicles help to condition your lashes which helps to impart fuller and thicker appearance.

Soy Amino Acids: It helps to restore the moisture in your eyelashes that also further stimulates growth.

How should I use this eyelash growth serum?

To get gorgeous lashes, follow these steps in an order

The first step involves making sure that all the makeup is removed. If not, then use makeup wipes to remove every bit of makeup from your face.

After that, apply the thin layer of Apex Voluminous on your upper and lower root of your eyelid area in the evening time.

You can also use this serum on your eyebrows. Clean your eyebrows and then apply it to the root of your eyebrows. Give it some time to get absorb into the skin.

These women didn’t get enough of compliments they are getting now on a daily basis whenever they flutter their eyelashes. Read their testimonial below to know their experience

Becky, 34 saysI am so addicted to Apex Voluminous that I always keep this in my bag whenever I go outside. I used to apply fake eyelashes but then I had to constantly worry about that it might fall off but ever since I have started using this my eyelashes are getting thicker and voluminous”

Chole, 35 shares “I have been liking Apex Voluminous so much that I have also gifted this to my friends who used to depend on the eyelashes extensions. This product is so good that earlier I used to have thin lashes but after using this serum I have got a new confidence because it helped my eyelashes to grow”

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From where to buy Apex Voluminous?

To make a purchase of Apex Voluminous just simply click the link below.

Wait, do you want to get a chance to try this serum before making a purchase? Now you can have that chance. The manufacturers are currently running the RISK-FREE TRIAL offer for their first-time customers. To avail this offer all you have to do is click the link below and fill up your shipping details. After that choose from the below offer and pay the shipping charges.

Handling fees are $1.00 and shipping charges depend upon whether you wish to go for the express shipping or you will be okay with the regular shipping. In the first option, your bottle will be insured and comes with the first class tracking and in the latter option, your bottle will be shipped to you normally. Two options are: Express Shipping that charges $6.99 and Regular Shipping that costs $3.99.

Is it safe to use or will it cause me any irritation?

No, it won’t cause you any irritation. You can be rest assured that it only focuses on growing your lashes and also imparts black color without you depending upon the mascara. In total, it won’t cause any other side effects in return and the credits can be given to its natural ingredients which are specifically tested and then added in this eye lash growth serum.

Still to be on the safe side you can do the patch test, I would suggest you before applying this serum on your eye lash apply it on the less sensitive zone. If it doesn’t cause you irritation there then you are good to go.

Is there anything which I need to remember about this serum?

If you wear contact lens then I would suggest you remove prior to using this serum and reinsert them after half an hour.

I am so used to mascara and fake eyelashes. Why should I move from these products to this one?

Well, there is a difference. Mascara and fake eyelashes are makeup products which would come off in a day or when wiped with the makeup tissue whereas Apex Voluminous is a growth serum which is composed of all natural ingredients to stimulate growth.

If you are okay with the one time results then stick to your mascara routine to add drama to your eyes but I must tell you this that continues usage of these products will cause more harm to your eyelashes by making them thin because when you try to remove mascara with the cotton It first weighs down your lashes and then further breaks them down from the root. If you think false eyelashes are good then let me tell you these extensions doesn’t allow your natural lashes to grow and also cause irritation. If you really wish to get thicker and longer eyelashes permanently then incorporate this serum in your daily regimen. It will nourish your lashes and at the same time will also stimulate them to grow.

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