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cevaslim-bottleHate diets? No problem because we all do. We all are living very busy lifestyle. Most of the time we are stuck with office work either at workplace or at home that doesn’t allow all of us to either hit the gym regularly or follow strict diet. If you ask me then I would say that I have tried so many shortcuts but nothing seemed to work with me. It was like excess fat and I had become the best friends. When nothing seems to work, you need to take help. You must have heard it, right? So here the help was to go for the weight loss supplement or drinks or anything that will be capable of helping me to lose weight.

Seeing so many weight loss products in the market you can understand how confuse I was. To get me out of this trouble my friend suggested me to consume Cevaslim. It was the best and effective product I have ever got for my weight loss. There is really more to know about this supplement. Therefore do mind reading my whole review.

Give me a short idea what Cevaslim is all about?

Have you ever thought that losing weight will be as easy as chewing gum? Yes, Cevaslim has come up with the healthy way to help you lose weight. It has come up with a chewing gum which comes with the fresh minty flavor. This gum is all you need to fit into your favorite dress without resorting to the expensive weight loss programs. It reduces your total body fat with the help of potent ingredients which when entered into your blood stream causes to reduce your body weight. Cevaslim comes in the chewing gum form. This chewing gum will function in various level where it helps your body to lose weight by burning the existing fat in your body and blocking the buildup of new fat cells. Its ingredients absorb into the body very effectively.

It comes with other two products too. Take a look.

CevaBoost: Going by the title it is a neuro lipophilic complex and comes in the supplement form. It is a weight loss formula which helps you to lose weight by improving your mood, boosting your energy level and suppressing your appetite or frequent hunger pangs. It is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients which are very much capable of boosting your metabolism. Better the metabolism, faster your body will be able to shed the excess fat from your body. Along with this, you will also start to feel light and positive

CevaTotale: It is a nutritional shake that is loaded with minerals, vitamins and Probiotics. This drink comes in the Vanilla Flavor and will make you feel full

cevaslim-how-to-useHow does it work?

Cevaslim has two ingredients Green coffee bean extract and Garcinia cambogia. Both are the potent weight loss formulation we have till date. Let’s explain each of them what they do.

Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit which is famous for its weight loss properties. It is not just this fruit but the actual substance which is present in its rind which does most of the work and it is called Hydroxycitric acid (HCA). It blocks the fat producing enzyme from producing more fat. It also performs other functions which I have mentioned below like

It improves our mood so that we don’t gulp down to the junk food when our mood goes south. Basically, it controls emotional eating which in a way also helps to lose weight. It does so by increasing the level of serotonin which helps to induce the feel-good factor in our body. So next time when you will feel anxious you will be able to curb your urge to eat comfort food.

In normal days does it happen to you that hunger pangs always seem to strike you? Now don’t worry because this substance is also known to control your hunger pangs by inducing the feeling of fullness in your tummy. It does so by slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates in the tummy.

Lastly not the least. It reduces the stress hormone that is called cortisol in your body. It is important to curb this hormone too as mostly weight gain happens when we get into the stress pond. With reduced stress hormone, you will stay positive to stick to your diet

Now let’s talk about another ingredient which is Green coffee. The reason for adding this in the formulation of Cevaslim is because sometimes the food we eat causes us to accumulate toxins in our stomach which further also causes us to gain weight.

What this ingredient does it helps to flush away excess toxins from our tummy. Not just excess toxins but excess fat will also be out from the system too.

cevaslim-userHow should I incorporate this program into my daily lifestyle?

Like I have said above Cevaslim comes with three products one is Cevaslim itself which comes in the form of chewing gum. One packet of this gum contains 120 gums and you need to chew 4 gums in a day. Make sure you take it with 15-20 minutes prior to taking your meals. Consult your doctor if you want to know the right dosage as per your individual needs.

Another product is CevaTotale. It is a nutritional shake which you need to mix with your juices to drink it daily. This packet comes with the 30 servings so and you can also add in your smoothie or shakes effects will be same

CevaBoost comes with 60 capsules so as per mentioned on the label you need to take two pills of this supplement daily in the morning with a glass of lukewarm water. Overdosing the prescribed limit of this supplement is strictly prohibited.

It will start to work from the day one like curbing your desire to eat sugary foods but you know it weight loss doesn’t happen overnight nor should you take supplements which promise results overnight. This is why I would suggest you to follow the routine supplement for minimum 90 days.


Monica, 34 shares “I got to know about the Cevaslim from one of my friends and was amazed to know that it is composed of all natural ingredients. It has been three weeks and I can’t believe that now I fit into my previous jeans perfectly well.

Kate, 35 feels “I don’t have the time to do the dieting because of the nature of my work. Cevaslim worked perfectly well with my body. Now I don’t have to look any further after taking this.”

From where to buy?

To make a purchase of Cevaslim, just click the link below. Hurry now and avail the RISK-FREE TRIAL offer by paying the $4.95 shipping charges.

cevaslim-buyWhat else do I need to remember about this supplement?

It is very important for you to take an advice from your doctor before starting with this routine to rule out any underlying disease.

My boobs will not sag after taking this supplement or will it?

No, absolutely not! This supplement only targets those areas which are related to produce more fat in the body this has nothing to do with your mammary glands. You can be assured that this gum will not change your boob’s size.

Does it cause me any side effects?

No, not at all. Cevaslim is composed of those ingredients which work intelligently to burn the excess fat from our body. It is a blend of natural and safe ingredients which are clinically proven to not cause any after side-effects. So you can be assured that this chewing gum will not give you any side effects. Still, to be on the safe side I will suggest you to consult your doctor about it.

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